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Installing Your Solar Panels by Bharat Solar Mounting Structure
There are many items to consider before you install your completed solar panels. If you just finished building your own panels, then the pride that goes with your accomplishment is at an all-time high, but now you just realized you must mount them! Do not panic, I am going to show you how I installed my solar panels with step-by-step instructions. Let's get started!

Pick a location for your solar panels-This is a very critical decision, you must locate your panels so that they get the best full sun for the entire year. I recommend a southerly exposure facing the sun at abut a 45-degree angle. Commercial systems use sophisticated tracking that follows the sun during the day, keeping the peak sun focused all day long. If roof mounting, and you are fortunate to have a southern exposure to the sun, all the better.

Step two materials to use-Being associated with construction (electrical), I have come up with what I feel is the best mounting method to withstand all types of weather. Using 10' lengths of the channel called strut, I have devised a mounting system that is strong and makes mounting your solar panels simple. I purchased two ten foot lengths of the strut, 1" deep from your local home store or electrical supply store. Make sure the strut is galvanized to withstand the weather. You also need roofers type lag screws with the rubber seal, 1" long. You also will need strut, spring nuts in ¼" size, 4 per each solar panel, ¼" long hex-head machine screws and ¼" lock washers.

Mounting you strut channel-Always remember safety first, especially if you decide to climb the roof yourself! If you are unsure of yourself, hire this part. Layout two 10' lengths of strut parallel to each other allowing 4 inches from each end of the solar panel. An example of this; if your solar frame is 30 inches long then 4 inches from each end would be 30 inches minus 8 inches, which would equal 22 inches. This would be the distance center to center to mount your strut channel. Mount each piece using the ¼" roof lags, every two feet use a mounting leg. I used ¼" flat washers for each lag. After mounting the strut, make sure you have maintained the proper distance between them.

Mounting the solar panels-Once you have your frame mounted on your roof you are ready to attach your solar panel. Using right angle brackets to mount your panels, measure 4 inches from each end and drill ¼" holes to mount your right angle brackets. Your right angle brackets should be 1" wide made out of aluminum angle, the same material used to make your solar frames. Attach to your solar frame with flat angle side down. Drill a ¼" hole in the bracket to mount to the already installed strut channel. I prepared my brackets ahead of time so that it is easier to install your panels.

Adding more solar panels-It is now easier to add additional solar panels. Just mount the next panel bracket to bracket making a professional looking installation. You can continue adding your strut channel along your roof making for a good looking solar system.

Following my installation steps, your solar panels will last for years. This is a proven method for installing your solar array.
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